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Help for Students...
Great Choices workbooks for middle and high school students puts personal college and career guidance help for students at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere!  Topically targeted, affordable, and easy to use, the Blueprints for Your Future and Inside Guide series meet you where you are and help you transform your hopes and dreams into a clear and bright path to the future.  Click here to choose your Great Choices workbooks now!

For Your Schools and Youth Programs...
Great Choices delivers comprehensive and highly acclaimed resources, with adaptable curriculum for use any classroom or small group setting. Resources include comprehensive lesson packets, individual student lessons, interactive lesson forms, and multi-media presentations for each lesson. The universal access and affordability of Great Choices makes it an ideal choice for schools and a wide range of student programs. With GCExpress, the engaging and effective Great Choices program provides consistent, comprehensive, and uniform support for all students. Click here to learn to learn more about Great Choices.

For Parents...
The middle and high school years often leave parents overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated!  Call in a winning team of relief and resources, as Think College and Great Choices help you forge a clear path through these critical years.  From study skills and course planning to career planning, college applications, and admissions essays, the highly affordable Great Choices workbooks are like having your own private college and career professional. Click here to find the Great Choices workbooks that are right for you!

For Subscribers...
Make the most of the benefits of your Great Choices subscriptions!  In addition to round-the-clock access to all online Great Choices workbooks, staff, students, and parents from all subscribing schools are entitled to a 20% discount on all printed workbooks.  Simply use your Great Choices username as the coupon code to receive your immediate discount!  Click here to purchase your printed Great Choices guides.  Click here to sign-in to your Great Choices subscriber site. 


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